Descriptions of MJ Volunteer Positions

MJ has many great opportunities for parents to become involved in their children’s education – these can range from a couple of hours spent from home to greater involvement leading a committee.

For more information about any of these opportunities, please contact Tim Pugh, Principal @ MJPS. Some volunteer positions below are available for community members so feel free to share the information with individuals who do not have children attending MJ.

School Council Chair

The role of the Chair is to:

  • Chair School Council meetings
  • Provide leadership to the School Council and its members
  • Monitor the implementation of School Council decisions
  • Prepare an agenda, in cooperation and consultation with the Principal, and distribute it to all School Council members at least one week prior to each meeting
  • Ensure that the minutes of School Council meetings are recorded and uploaded to the school website
  • Ensure that a copy of all minutes and records of financial transactions are available to any person at the school
  • Meet regularly with the school Principal to discuss agendas and School Council activities
  • Establish additional School Council meetings as required
  • Represent the School Council at the Waterloo Region Assembly of Public School Councils (WRAPSC) in the role of Assembly Representative or delegate this role to another parent/guardian representative on the School Council with the permission of the other members of the School Council (more information about WRAPSC can be found below).
  • Consult with the parents/guardians in the school about matters under consideration.
  • Consult with Board staff and trustees, as required.
  • Work with the Principal to follow/establish election procedures for the following school year.
  • Assist with maintenance of a list of volunteer positions at the school.

Time involved – Six – Seven- monthly meetings. Doors open at 6:45pm. Childcare is available.

Regular time involved in communicating with the school Principal or other parents. Much can be done electronically at any time of day.


The role involves:

  • Work in partnership with jobs listed above.
  • Act for the School Council Chair when s/he is unavailable.
  • Involvement in a School Council event or committee if possible.

Time involved – Seven-Eight monthly meetings. Childcare is available. Otherwise, time commitment depends upon how the Chair and Co-chair share duties.


The role includes:

  • Budgeting – meeting with school administration and School Council co-chair to prepare the draft budget in consultation with School Council.
  • Deposits – working with fundraisers to ensure that all monies received are verified and deposited in a timely manner.
  • Payment of expenses – reviewing all payments made through WRDSB accounts and ensuring all are approved expenses.
  • Reporting – preparing monthly reports for School Council.

Meetings – attending as many School Council meetings as possible to present budget information and provide updates to attendees.

Time involved – About 1-2 hours a month done at the convenience of the treasurer (some months more, some less).


The Secretary is responsible for: documenting the minutes from the monthly School Council meeting; having the minutes reviewed by Co-Chairs and Principal; and sending to the Principal to publish on the web site. The minutes should document: attendees; motions put forward and whether they have passed or failed; key information from discussions; and follow-up actions assigned to attendees of the meeting.

Time involved – Seven-eight monthly meetings. Secretary will be there from 7-8:30 pm. Childcare is available.

School Council Member-at-Large (10 Voting Members Needed)

  • In addition to the executive positions described above, MJ has voting members on its School Council. These are parent members who commit to attending Council meetings whenever possible, engaging in discussion at the meetings, and voting where necessary.
  • The Members-at-large are elected/acclaimed at the first School Council meeting of the year.
  • All MJ parents are welcome to attend School Council meetings and engage in discussions even if they are not voting members.

Time involved – Attend as many of the School Council meetings as possible.

School Council Community Member

  • Attend MJ School Council meetings and provide community input.

Time involved – Attend as many of the School Council meetings as can.

Fundraising Committee

School Council currently has an ad hoc fundraising committee that is trying to coordinate all School Council fundraising efforts so that parents are aware from the start of each year what the fundraising ventures will be. Any parent is welcome to join this committee, whether or not they attend School Council meetings.  The committee is responsible for selecting the events/activities – not for running the events.

Time involved – Meetings will take place outside of school hours a few times per year.

Waterloo Region Assembly of Public School Councils representative for MJ

  • The Waterloo Region Assembly of Public School Councils (WRASPC) is an umbrella organization whose purpose is “to assist all School Councils of the WRDSB to further their support of student achievement through parent engagement. This engagement includes parent involvement at the board level, school level and classroom level, as well as involvement with their children’s learning at home.”
  • WRAPSC meetings are open to the public, including as many parents as want to attend from any one school. However, each school has one vote at WRAPSC meetings, and MJ has found in the past that it is useful to have 1 WRAPSC representative, who is a member of School Council, and who will attend each WRAPSC meeting and then report back to the MJ community on what is learned (either through a brief written report or through an oral report at our School Council meeting).
  • Being the WRAPSC representative for MJ allows a parent to have a better understanding of what is going on within the whole school board, and provides a glimpse at interesting activities being undertaken by other School Councils at schools in our board. School Board officials often make presentations at WRAPSC meetings which allows representatives to hear first-hard about how our board is managing issues related to our children’s education.
  • More information can be found about WRAPSC from the board website:

Math Kits

Math kits allow for parents and students to have a hands-on connection with fun activities that support the various math strands.

There are two volunteers per 12 week rotation:

  • One volunteer goes to each of the classrooms to collect math kits and returns them to the other volunteer in the old computer lab room
  • The other volunteer checks the math kits for contents, and working together they check the Math Kits into the computer
    • If nothing is missing from the kit, put it in the correct filing box in the cabinet
    • If there is something missing from the math kits, create a sticker to put into the child’s planner, and place kit in missing pieces bin
    • Also create labels for all students who forgot to return their math kit
  • Once all the kits are checked in, one volunteer can go get batches of kids to pick out new math kits
  • The other volunteer can check-out the math kits
  • Once a month volunteers need to go through the kits to replace missing pieces, instructions/cards, etc.

Time involved – once a week for 12 weeks, 1-1.5 hours/week, option of morning, plus several hours at the end of the rotation to make sure the kits are complete.

Grade 3’s – October to December –

Grade 2’s – January to March

Grade 1’s – April to June


Organizing Committee

Several parent volunteers are needed to help organize the annual Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEAM) Fair which takes place in March.

Tasks to be assigned include:

  • Entering data base of project entries
  • Creating a spatial plan for the fair set up
  • Distributing project boards to students
  • Recruiting and organizing event judges
  • Coordinating orders and info packages with the school office
  • Co-ordinating event volunteers
  • Assisting with set up and take down for the event.

Time commitment – two or three brief meetings from January to March, set at the convenience of the volunteers in addition to sharing the tasks above. Some time may be required during school hours as well as on the night itself.


Three parents are needed to help with set up, three with clean up and three during the event.

Time involved – set up takes place at the start of the school day, the event is in the evening with clean-up following that.

Strong Start

Do you love to read and help kids 1-on-1? Strong Start is a program where volunteers meet with the same SK or Grade 1 student for thirty minutes each week for 10 weeks to play games that improve literacy.

Coordinator’s role is:

  • Find volunteers
  • Organize matching volunteers to students and create the volunteer schedule
  • Data entry
  • Planning the celebration that finishes every strong start year.

Time involved – 20 hours (5 hours each in the months of September, January, February and May). The majority of this time can be done from home, during or outside of school hours.


  • Work with one student to improve literacy.

Time involved – 10 sessions in Fall and 10 in Spring, during school hours. Each session is 30 minutes.  Days and times are flexible to accommodate volunteer’s schedule.

Move-a-thon Coordinator

The Moveathon typically takes place in February or March.

The Coordinator’s role is:

  • Booking and advertising the Move-a-thon in conjunction with the agency providing the DJ services.
  • Recruiting volunteers to execute the move-a-thon on the given day
  • Creating a schedule for classes to attend the move-a-thon
  • Organizing the sales booth for glow materials if so desired by school
  • Collecting pledge envelopes, counts money and calculates proceeds to be distributed to designated school initiatives
  • Recruiting volunteers to assist with pledge calculations if needed

Time involved – 10-14 hours


  • Assist on the day of the move-a-thon with the students, or
  • Assist with counting pledges.

Time involved – about two hours per volunteer for either role.

Grade Six End of Year Celebration

A simple ceremony is held every year to honour Mary Johnston’s Grade Six students as they move on to Senior Public School. It is held in the gymnasium during the school day with immediate family attending. The following volunteers are required to ensure the event runs smoothly:

  • Ordering/Purchasing Supplies: One grade 5 or 6 parent to order a simple cake, purchase lemonade, bottled water, cutlery, napkins, paper plates and two tablecloths. All purchases to be discussed with school secretary/principal and will be reimbursed.
  • Decorating: At least 2 grade 5 or 6 parents to order/purchase simple décor items and decorate on the morning of the graduation ceremony. Decorations are effective but minimalist.
  • Servers: two grade 5 parents are required to serve cake and lemonade after the graduation ceremony.
  • Stage Skirt: One volunteer is needed to ensure the stage skirt is in good condition prior to the ceremony and ensure any repairs are done.
  • Yearbook: A Grade 5 or 6 parent is needed to create a yearbook in print or CD format. Pictures are mainly of the Grade 6 camp experience, so yearbook is usually put together at end of June. There is plenty of flexibility with the format of this task. The main goal is to give graduating students a keepsake from Mary Johnston. There is a budget for this endeavor.

Time involved – some of these must take place during school hours on the day of or during the event. Some may be done at the convenience of the volunteer.

Coffee and Kleenex for Kindergarten parents

Organize coffee for first Friday of the school year, meet with kindergarten parents to provide an opportunity to ask questions and “commiserate” about children beginning their school years.

Time involved – two hours

Used Book Sale

The Used Book Sale provides money for Mary Johnston’s home reading program.

The Coordinator(s) role:

  • Recruit volunteers for set up, tear down and selling shifts.
  • Coordinate with school administration and teachers to organize dates, location, storage for books, and arrangements for classes or after school programs that may need to be moved due to sale.
  • Sort and categorize donated books for the sale.
  • Make arrangements to provide a cash float for the sale.
  • Confirm use of tables within school or reserve tables through the board.
  • Write and/or design posters and communications to be sent home or read over announcements requesting book donations and advertising the sale.
  • Create a walk-through schedule for teachers to sign their classes up for walk-throughs of the sale.
  • Find solutions for books left over from the sale.

Time involved – 10-15 hours

Set-Up/Tear Down Volunteers

  • set up / tear down tables
  • arrange books for selling / clean up unsold books

Time involved – 2 hours before and after school

Selling Volunteers

  • sell books and provide change as needed
  • remind classes of scheduled walk-throughs
  • assist buyers as needed

Time involved – 1-2 hours during the school day or after school

End of year event

School Council runs an end of year, school-wide event for all families like Dinner and a Movie or Fun Fair. Anyone is welcome to join the committee to plan and execute the event.

Time involved – The committee will meet outside of school hours. The time commitment will depend upon the scale of the event being planned, but any help that can be provided is appreciated.


Volunteers would be needed for set-up, clean-up and helping during the event.

Time involved – 1-2 hour shifts.

Nutrition for Learning

 Program Coordinator(s)

  • Apply for grant from Nutrition for Learning
  • Coordinate school fundraiser or create a proposal for contribution from the school council or community
  • Create a monthly budget
  • Plan weekly menu, in accordance with the NFL program guidelines
  • Complete all grocery shopping each week
  • Track program income, expenses, numbers of students attending program daily and total volunteer hours contributed each month
  • Keep track of program related receipts
  • Submit receipts to school administration and WRDSB accountant for monthly reimbursement
  • Submit receipts to Nutrition for Learning liaison quarterly
  • Collaborate with school personnel
  • Complete monthly Student Nutrition Program reports
  • Complete Food Safety certification
  • Draft all communication as required
  • Ensure all allergies are noted and staff and volunteers are aware
  • Coordinate schedule of all NFL volunteers and communicate with volunteers regularly
  • Provide updates to school council as required

Time involved – 5 hours/week. This volunteer role is completed in accordance with your personal schedule – does not need to be done during program hours.

Food Preparation

  • Wash and slice food (cucumbers and cheese)
  • Package prepared food in reusable containers. One of each for each day/class.
  • Store food in fridge

Time involved – 2-3 volunteers, 1 hour/week, 9:10 am, Monday

Daily Food Distribution

  • Pack cooler bags and snack bins with food, according to weekly snack menu
  • Distribute to each class
  • Time Involved – 2-3 volunteers, 30 minutes per day, 9:10 am, Monday-Thursday.

Student Volunteers

  • collect NFL bags from each class after first nutrition break
  • return bags and bins to NFL room
  • Time Involved -6 volunteers,10 minutes per day, Monday-Thursday.

Daily Clean Up

  • Empty all snack bags, containers
  • Ensure all items have been returned
  • Store unused food
  • Clean and refill food containers, as required
  • Tidy NFL snack room

Time Involved -1 volunteer, 30 minutes per day, Monday-Thursday.

Weekly Clean Up

  • Thoroughly clean all bins, bags, containers
  • Thoroughly clean fridge and tables, refill gloves, spoons, vinegar bottles
  • Wash floors

Time Involved -1 volunteer, 1.5 hours per week, Thursday.