Descriptions of MJ Volunteer Positions

MJ has many great opportunities for parents to become involved in their children’s education – these can range from a couple of hours spent from home to greater involvement leading a committee.

For more information about any of these opportunities, please contact School Council at

School Council Chair

The role of the Chair is to:

  • Chair School Council meetings
  • Provide leadership to the School Council and its members
  • Monitor the implementation of School Council decisions
  • Prepare an agenda, in cooperation and consultation with the Principal, and distribute it to all School Council members at least one week prior to each meeting
  • Ensure that the minutes of School Council meetings are recorded and uploaded to the school website
  • Ensure that a copy of all minutes and records of financial transactions are available to any person at the school
  • Meet regularly with the school Principal to discuss agendas and School Council activities
  • Establish additional School Council meetings as required
  • Represent the School Council at the Waterloo Region Assembly of Public School Councils (WRAPSC) in the role of Assembly Representative or delegate this role to another parent/guardian representative on the School Council with the permission of the other members of the School Council (more information about WRAPSC can be found below).
  • Consult with the parents/guardians in the school about matters under consideration.
  • Consult with Board staff and trustees, as required.
  • Work with the Principal to follow/establish election procedures for the following school year.
  • Assist with maintenance of a list of volunteer positions at the school.

Time involved – Six – Seven- monthly meetings a year. Doors open at 6:45pm.

Regular time involved in communicating with the school Principal or other parents. Much can be done electronically at any time of day.


The role involves:

  • Work in partnership with jobs listed above.
  • Act for the School Council Chair when s/he is unavailable.
  • Involvement in a School Council event or committee if possible.

Time involved – Seven-Eight monthly meetings. Childcare is available. Otherwise, time commitment depends upon how the Chair and Co-chair share duties.


The role includes:

  • Budgeting – meeting with school administration and School Council co-chair to prepare the draft budget in consultation with School Council.
  • Deposits – working with fundraisers to ensure that all monies received are verified and deposited in a timely manner.
  • Payment of expenses – reviewing all payments made through WRDSB accounts and ensuring all are approved expenses.
  • Reporting – preparing monthly reports for School Council.

Meetings – attending as many School Council meetings as possible to present budget information and provide updates to attendees.

Time involved – About 1-2 hours a month done at the convenience of the treasurer (some months more, some less).


The Secretary is responsible for: documenting the minutes from the monthly School Council meeting; having the minutes reviewed by Co-Chairs and Principal; and sending to the Principal to publish on the web site. The minutes should document: attendees; motions put forward and whether they have passed or failed; key information from discussions; and follow-up actions assigned to attendees of the meeting.

Time involved – Seven-eight monthly meetings. Secretary will be there from 7-8:30 pm. Childcare is available.

School Council Member-at-Large (10 Voting Members Needed)

  • In addition to the executive positions described above, MJ has voting members on its School Council. These are parent members who commit to attending Council meetings whenever possible, engaging in discussion at the meetings, and voting where necessary.
  • The Members-at-large are elected/acclaimed at the first School Council meeting of the year.
  • All MJ parents are welcome to attend School Council meetings and engage in discussions even if they are not voting members.

Time involved – Attend as many of the School Council meetings as possible.

School Council Community Member

  • Attend MJ School Council meetings and provide community input.

Time involved – Attend as many of the School Council meetings as can.

Fundraising Committee

School Council is looking for volunteers to work on the fundraising committee that will work together to coordinate our School Council fundraising efforts so that parents are aware from the start of each year what the fundraising ventures will be. Any parent is welcome to join this committee, whether or not they attend School Council meetings.  The committee is responsible for selecting the events/activities – not for running the events.

Time involved – Meetings will take place outside of school hours a few times per year.