Welcome to the Safe, Caring and Inclusive School (SCIS) team page of the MJPS website.

What are the purposeful goals of the SCIS team?

The SCIS team strives, in pragmatic and meaningful ways, to support the ongoing maintenance of a positive climate within the MJPS Learning Community.  The team works to identify areas for improvement through both the analysis of various data streams and also through the consideration of other information regarding gaps or needs, including both bullying prevention and intervention plans. The team acts in an advisory role to the Principal. As the SCIS team works to support the development of healthy and respectful relationships amongst members of MJ’s Learning Community, student leadership opportunities are provided that target the improvement of learning outcomes for all students so that everyone feels safe and valued. Equity through inclusive diversity is further defined by a frame of other-centered kindness, mutual patience, and respect.

Team members include the Principal, at least two MJPS staff members (one of whom is a non-teacher), as well as parent, student, and community partner representatives. Please contact Tim Pugh (MJPS Principal) for more information.

At the system-level, the WRDSB has created a web page reflecting the Safe Schools. Click here for the WRDSB SCIS flyer.