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Mary Johnston Public School offers students a unique educational opportunity in a Junior Kindergarten to grade 6 school environment. As students make the transition from primary (JK-grade 3) to junior (grades 4-6) and to senior (grades 7 and 8) at Centennial Senior Public School, new experiences will increase naturally over the years as the students progress toward secondary school. Our aim is to ensure that when they leave us, students will be confident and prepared for their senior public school experience.

Mary Johnston P.S. operates on a balanced school day. The balanced school day consists of two nutritional/activity breaks in which children have time to eat and time to play. Students receive many benefits from the balanced school day schedule including enhanced academic performance, balanced nutrition, physical activity, and more time for learning.

Entering school is an exciting time in a student’s life, especially when it involves changing schools. At Mary Johnston, students will have the opportunity to make many new friends and to become involved in a multitude of new activities. Our academic and extracurricular activities are designed to teach the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will help them achieve future success.

Mary Johnston has well-qualified teachers for all curriculum subjects and an impressive single floor facility. Our school has a spacious gymnasium and stage area, a superb library facility and wireless internet access. Outside, there are extensive grounds comprised of two creative playgrounds, soccer and baseball fields, as well as a tarmac area for hop scotch, four square and basketball. Our greatest assets are the lively enthusiasm of our students and the dedicated professionalism of our staff. These are complemented by the tremendous support from our parents and the School Council.

Through both academic and co-curricular activities, we fulfill a vital role in contributing to the success of our students as they continue their academic journey towards the world of work.

Mrs. K. Bileski

Check out our school song, written in 2000 by Paul Rempel: MJ School Song with Words & Music