Thank you to every family for making this such a wonderful start to our school year. Our students are settling in and are happy to see the return of some of the activities that are happening around the school.

Just a few reminders for families:

Please continue to do the Ontario Screener daily before coming to school. We have included the link for your convenience.

The weather is starting to change and the colder weather has taken us all by surprise. Please make sure to dress appropriately for the weather.

If you are late for school in the mornings and the classes have all come in to the school, please bring your child(ren) to the front doors of the school to sign in. Please do not come into the school through other doors. Our top priority is the safety of your child(ren). The same goes for picking your child(ren) up early. Please do not go to the classroom doors to ask for your child(ren). All late sign-ins and early pick-ups must be done through the front doors.

Parking in the school parking lot is not permitted. We have had a few close calls and safety is a concern. If you are dropping off or picking up your child, please use any of the side streets so we can keep our students safe.

And last, transportation has just informed us that due to bus driver shortages, our bus route has been cancelled from Monday, September 26 to Friday, September 30. It will start again on Monday October 3.
Families can go to and click on Delays, Closures and Cancellations to keep up to date.
Since there is no bus next week, families have two options:
1. Alternative transportation – families may find another way for students to get to school
2. Learn asynchronously using the google classroom for their teacher OR access lessons on TVO.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend