Teacher names and class assignments will be posted on our doors over the weekend.
This will allow you to see the possibilities for your child’s placement

On Tuesday, September 6th, we will be following the plan described below;
-Kindergarten students will meet at the usual kindergarten doors to locate their teacher and line up spot
-Grades 1-6 students/families will find tables at the back of the school to learn which class they are in.
Once you have obtained that information from a staff member you will make your way to the appropriate line spot located on the field
-All staff members will be wearing red vests to help guide caregivers and students to the appropriate location
-If your child is in Extended Day, they will be directed to their location by Extended Day staff

*We are excited to see all of you on September 6th. All staff have been preparing and ensuring all of our spaces are welcoming, open, and ready for all learners!

Enjoy your long weekend!