MJ News Items May 15-19, 2017

It’s safety drill season! Today we practiced our first of three fire drills. We will also complete a tornado drill, lock-down and bomb drill. Today’s fire drill was excellent! Students exited the building quickly and quietly in under 5 mins. New this year is the bomb drill, it is combined with one of our fire drills. Nothing changes for the students; the adults scan for suspicious packages as they exit the classroom. Please take time to chat with your child about the importance of completing these drills, and doing them well. Teachers focus on everyone staying calm and being alert to listen for directions.

EQAO – During the next two weeks our grades three and six students will be involved in the Provincial EQAO assessment. Students will spend a total of six hours to complete reading, writing and math tasks. Parents, please do not schedule appointments during this time, as it is difficult to catch students up. Grade 6 students write May 23-26 and grade 3 students write May 29 – June 1st. June 5th will be a finish up day for any students who missed a section. At MJ, we work hard to keep the anxiety low. This assessment is based on the Ontario curriculum, expectations that have been addressed throughout the year. You can help by ensuring your child rests well and eats healthy!

School Council – Meets this Wednesday, May 17th, 7:00 in the Library. All are welcome. School Council Agenda May 2017

School Council final fundraising event – Dinner and a Movie – June 20th. Council will be looking for volunteers to support this event. Please stay tuned for all the details.

Volunteer Tea MJ volunteers, we will be celebrating you on June 13th! An invitation was sent out on School Day.  Staff is working to organize a lovely celebration to thank the many wonderful volunteers that support MJ.

Reminder: Parking Lot – Please remember that the parking lot is not for student drop off or pick up. Let’s work harder to keep our students safe

Safe, Caring and Inclusive Schools – Helping Others

From“Be a Mentor” chapter:

Encourage [your children] to help those who may not feel included and to put themselves in the shoes of others who may be affected by their actions. This can help our children build understanding and is an important foundation for social responsibility.

MJ parent says: When your children come home from school ask them “What did you do to help someone today?”

The best gift you can give your children is your time. Show that you enjoy devoting time to them. Show your children that their time and energy can make a difference too, and recognize the value they offer. Encourage them to take part in community projects such as helping seniors or tending a community garden.

At any time, to read the full healthy relationships booklet, you can go to: http://www.ontariodirectors.ca/Parent_Engagement/2014_PE_Docs/40714_Code_ParentToolKit_E.pdf

Please Add to your calendars:

May 23-26 – Grade 6 EQAO testing

May 29 – June 5 – Grade 3 EQAO testing

May 31 – MJ Track and Field meet

June 2 – PD Day, no school for students

June 7 – 9, Grade 6’s to Silverlake Camp

June 13 – 8:15 am Volunteer Tea

June 15 – 10:15- 1:15pm Junior Track and Field Meet at University Stadium

June 20 – Kindergarten open house for new families

June 20 – School Council sponsored fundraising – Dinner and a movie

June 28 – Grade 6 Graduation